Production programme

We offer transport systems our customers :

  • According to the conveying element they are the following types of conveyors:
    • Belt
    • Chain
    • Roller
    • Modular
    • Cable
    • Magnetic
    • Vacuum

  • Magnetic systems:
    • Cap stackers
      • Horizontal
      • Vertical
    • Cap destackers including service brakes
    • Magnetic cap hoppers /magazines/
    • Cap turnovers
    • Tin turnovers
    • Magnetic elevators of different shape combinations "C“, "G“, "L“
    • Division of transported caps into more lanes

  • Air systems:
    • Horizontal belt-vacuum conveyors
    • Belt-vacuum elevators for vertical transport of non-magnetic light caps and tins
    • Air "JET" conveyors

They are structurally different types of conveyors for outputs from ca 20pcs/min to high performance lines of outputs 3600 pcs/min, also in more lanes.
Examples of some of the above mentioned conveyors can be seen in the photo gallery.