Company Profile

 The STR Praha s.r.o. company, with the number of employees up to 25, ranks among small businesses. The way of working based on exactly specified orders tailored to the needs of the customer leads to the products’ high added value. This also corresponds to the almost even share of designers and technicians to the number of workers in manufacture and assembly.

 The development and designing takes place in our designing office on five CAD workstations. Since 2012, we have been gradually switching to a 3D system. Here the complete engineering design of the mechanical components of the machines, including production drawings, is created. We use Autodesk design system. The complete accompanying documentation, which we provide to the customer for each product, is prepared here as well

 We do not develop electronic control systems ourselves, but they are designed, manufactured and assembled according to our demands by the Newte s.r.o. company, with which we collaborate on a long-term basis.

 The assembly and testing of the functionality of the finished pieces of equipment before shipping is done in our rough and exact assembly workshops.For the modification of components, we have the prototype workshop. The surface finishing of our products, if they are not made of stainless steel sheets, consists in their powder coating in outside powder coating shops. Machined components are zinc plated or otherwise galvanized in outside galvanizing plants.

 The functionality of the finished pieces of equipment is always tested after assembly in conditions simulating operating conditions. After the testing, everything is marked in such a way so that the customer can install simple pieces of equipment himself. The installation of more complex pieces of equipment and their putting into operation is supervised by an operative of STR Praha s.r.o. at the customer’s premises. In the case of complete production lines, the installation at the customer’s premises is performed by an experienced installer of the line’s supplier.

There is small example from our drawing