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  The STR Praha s.r.o. company offers engineering solutions, designing and manufacture of conveyor systems and handling equipment for the production of cans. The quality of the engineering solutions and final products is guaranteed by the tradition of this company, which concentrates on the area of thin sheet cans since 1967

  Our main customers are manufacturers of tin food cans, manufacturers of general lines products and also the users of these cans. A second large group of customers consists of foreign, especially German manufacturers and suppliers of whole tin can production lines. A third, small group of customers consists of engineering companies, in the case of which it is possible to employ some of the systems from our field of specialization. These are systems for the conveyance of workpieces or machining waste (magnetic systems and conveyors).

  Besides complete conveyor systems – production lines – we also supply different types of conveyors and handling equipment according to the customer’s request. These are not only for the handling of finished cans, but also for the handling of their parts, like lids, bottoms, bodies or cut and whole sheets of metal and bundles of sheet metal on pallets.

Conveyor for cans  
There is small example of our products.

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